Through partnerships with local non-profits, government agencies and local community stakeholders, Civitas Communities acquires, repositions, and develops properties in growing, Tier I and Tier II markets in close proximity to employment and retail centers with a focus on creating engaging environments for median income. 


Transforming the Community


We invest in poorly managed, underperforming assets and renovate functionally obsolete units to create communities that attract and retain residents and increase the supply of workforce housing in underinvested neighborhoods. 


Creating Affordable Spaces


We are developing multiple sites with co-living apartments and other complimentary uses. Each site is different and may be 100% co-living or mixed with appropriate product types (townhomes, office space, etc.). 


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Helping Travelers Around the World

We acquire and operate corporate rental properties. We utilize these short-term rentals to generate above-market rents in a portfolio of single-family properties and a portion of our apartment units.


Maximize Tax Adjusted Returns

We are buying and building properties in working class neighborhoods that are in the path of development and generate strong steady cash flow while taking advantage of Opportunity Zone regulations.